I am not sure what sort of photographs ought be posted to a web site. So this area will be added to and modified as time goes by. I like taking lots of photographs of a particular moment and experience. To begin with, this was because I was afraid of missing THE picture. But now, it has become a more useful tendency; thanks to a computer and iPod I have learnt that a mass of photos can aid my memory and reflection. So I get the moment if not the picture.

So far, there are four collections on show. The first is of a lovely day in mid-2005. A ride down to the Polly Woodside and the wonders of Melbourne's Maritime Museum. Can’t wait until the Museum re-opens.

The second collection is of the photos I assembled or took as part of Anthony Leong’s Photographic Composition and Lighting Course in October 2006.

Then there are the obligatory family and friends photos and then a few of the dear old MCG over the past two or three years.